Below you will see the list of instruments I personally own and perform/record on...It's hard to claim any as my favorite...I guess it comes down to which ever one I am playing at the time... Primarily Woodwinds  ...

Please keep in mind that I sing as well...Clean Mid to High Tenor Range...Lead / Backup or relief lead Vocalist in the groups I perform with.

Saxophones- Tenors A Yamaha YAS Z , an 1929 Conn Silver CHu Berry Model, A 1963 Selmer Mark V1, and an old Buescher Aristocat

Altos- 1958 A Selmer Mark V1, and a 1929 Silver Buescher

Soprano- 1980 ish Selmer Mark V1

Flutes- Standard (Closed Hole)  1983 Yamaha 511 and an (Open Hole with Low B) Altus

Alto Flute- Older Armstrong

Clarinets- a Yamaha Bb and a pre World War 2 High Eb

Native American and other World Flutes- Several...see below


Emin Red Cedar Guillermo Martinez(

Split V Styled  double in Amin High Spirits Red Cedar Axe


A Yellow Alaskan Cedar  in Emin (Another G Martinez Axe),

High D- Custom Brazilian Blackwood Woodsound Axe...Beautiful instrument custom developed and made with/by Brent 1st White Hawk Flute Creation.

Low F#min - Paul Hern Red Cedar

Low Amin~ High Spirit Red Cedar

Mid F#min Eagle Carved Mahogany Wood(Maker unknown)

 An Indonesian 4 hole whole tone scale flute signature Suzanne Teng model

Japanese Cane Flute purchased by Flute Maker in Japan

Chinese Flutes 2 gifted from Alan Lake from his Dads Collection(they must be old) and gifted to me from my Base Playn Bro Steve Raimundez

Penny Whistles in a large variety of makers and keys including a Low D axe

Pan Flute

Peruvian split hole flutes x2 purchased in Cusco Peru

Electric Wind Synth- Akai 4000s EWI with Roland 5050 Sound Module enhanced by Matt from Patchman Music, Yamaha WX5 with yamaha VL70m Sound module

Harmonica-An Assortment of Keys

Percussion-  A bunch of Hand Perc Items and an Electronic Rolland WAVE drum, LP Congas, Cajun

Guitars- Electric Yamaha , and Nylon String Godin, Acoustic Blue ridge, Seagul, and Yahama

Mandolin- Epiphone with pick up system

Keys~ Korg Kronus Weighted 88  key bad boy and an Rolland XP 80 with World Music Sound Card 

PS: Is that enough???  I Prefer to classify myself as a collector...Not a Hoarder...Just Say'n ~ j